Cub Pack Information

Information pack for New Chums.

The information below is provided for prospective members of Cammeray Cub Scout Pack. Parents should review this information pack in detail and address any queries to any of the cub leaders.

An Application form is required to be completed by all new members in their first week, with the hard copy submitted to one of the cub leaders or the group leader.

The Cammeray Scout group is part of Scouts Australia and is able to access its administrative resources and facilities. However, the group is self funded and is run entirely by a parent group who contribute as leaders, organizers and fund raisers.

Meeting location and times

Cammeray cub scout pack meet Monday 6:15 to 7:45pm during the school term at the Green Park Hall. The pack occasionally meets at other locations and times for specific programmed activities. Outdoor activities, camps or courses may also be scheduled on weekends. Monday meetings are not normally held immediately following a weekend activity. Meeting dates and locations are outlined in the term program and weekly email. Minimum age for cubs 7.5 yrs. Programs are run by uniformed leaders with the assistance of rostered parent helpers.


Prospective members are known as 'new chums' and will spend 4 -6 weeks participating in the program prior to investiture. During this period a new chum will learn the basic principles of scouts and the scout law and promise that they acknowledge at investiture. Parents are invited to attend this important occasion.

Weekly communication

The weekly email is the primary method of communicating with parents and will usually contain information on recent activities, permission forms, the next weeks program detail and any key future events or reminders. Please review these emails each week.

Badge Scheme

Badges are an integral part of scouts and are worn on the uniform. Badges may be awarded for achievement of one or more specific competencies or participation in events. Boomerang Badges are awarded to cub scouts upon achieving a range of age appropriate competencies that increase in difficulty and effort with the level achieved (Bronze, Silver, Gold). Boomerang badges may take a year or more to complete. Further details of the cub scout award scheme can be found on the Scouts NSW site.

Leadership Team (Cub Scouts)

  • Stuart Thorpe - Hathi

  • Jason Lewis - Djubi

  • Phil Hirschel - Bagheera

  • Emma Burns - Baloo

  • Craig Walker - Rikki

  • James Keeler (Leader in Training)

  • Steve Green (Leader in Training)

  • Hamish Bragg (Leader in Training)

Other key policies:

Application for membership

Application for membership (Y1 form) must be completed in the first week and captures information about your child and family unit, including contact details, custody arrangements, allergies and other matters of importance to your child's well being. You will receive a PDF copy of your completed Y1 Form via email. A copy of the form will also be sent to your Group Leader for endorsement.

Wait list

The group may operate a wait list for sections (i.e.cubs, scouts) that have reached capacity. Priority is given to children of leaders, youth members transitioning from another section and siblings of current members. Enter your details here.

Permission Forms

Permission forms (CareMonkey online form) are required for higher risk or offsite activities and are the method for you to acknowledge the risks inherent in that scheduled activity and document your consent for your child to participate. No form, no participation. Permission forms contain key information including what to bring and emergency contact details. They also capture medical information and contact details that may be relevant in an emergency situation. Parent helpers are also required to complete a permission form, when required for participants, and for some activities a prohibited person declaration may be required.

Adult / Parent Helpers

A parent roster is published with the term program so that we have one parent assist at each weekly meeting. This provides much needed support to the leaders and allows parents to participate and observe the program. Register to be come an adult helper (A2) here. Adult helper (A2) recognition is required to participate in overnight events. It is expected parents will participate with fund raising events and consider taking a role on the Group Committee.

Surrounding Parks

The groups policy is that the following locations, within a 1km radius of the hall, form part of the normal hall based program and permission will not be sought for cubs or scouts to travel by foot and/or to participate in basic activities at these locations during meeting times: Green Park, Primrose Park, Folly Point, Tunks Park, Cammeray Park, Brightmore Reserve, Anzac Park, St Thomas Rest Park, Flat Rock Creek Reserve.