Venturers News

**NOTE : Cammeray does not run a Venturer unit yet. When we get 8-10 scouts moving to Venturers and a Venturer unit leader we can open the unit **


  • Oz Venture 2021 (
    • The easiest way to describe a Venture is that its a bit like Jamboree but split into two parts - The Expedition where you get to choose your own adventure by yourself or with a group of friends, and the Core Camp where everyone comes together just like Jamboree to do onsite activities. Unlike past events, this time we are running expeditions of varying length and locations to help with budget a time constraints. We are also planning the expeditions to help with Venturers achieving their Queens Scout Award.
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    • Key facts
      1. International Expeditions
      2. Affordable Costs
      3. Flexible Start
      4. Australian Expeditions
      5. New Youth Program
      6. Core Component