Annelise Blue Cord Hike - Mooney Mooney

On Sunday the 11 th of June 2017, 5 scouts, Annelise, Ethan, Avril, Tom H and Braydon, went on a hike along Mooney Mooney creek as part of the Explorer Camp craft hike.

On a wet Sunday we started in Somersby on the Great North Walk track. Dodging puddles, we walked for 2 hours until w learned that the Mooney Mooney river crossing was too dangerous after the heavy rain. We changed plans and got a ride halfway to where we were supposed to camp and then walked to their campsite.

We found a great spot under the trees and set up camp.

All day we spent time checking and removing pesky leeches. We had competition for who had the most leeches and Avril won with a total score of 15.That night we learnt how to build fires with wet wood, by creating a tee-pee format and placing small kindling and twigs at the bottom and larger sticks gradually around the outside.

The next morning, we packed up after a light breakfast of oats and muesli bars. Then hiked another 8km to the end. Along the way there where a few steep hills, river crossings, a few confusing paths because we missed a very important sign but we eventually made it back in time for a stop off at MacDonald’s.

At times it was challenging but in the end we made it through together as a patrol and we all had loads of fun. All scouts should experience this. Thanks to everyone who came with me on this wonderful event.