Hike Planning Page

There are many resources available for scouts to help them plan for their hike. The presentation below summaries many of the key links and check lists to help you on your journey.

Good Luck, have fun and be prepared.

Cammeray Scous Hike Planning

This is a sample excel spreadsheet template to help scout ensure they are very well prepared for their journey.

Pop out this file, download it and work on it offline.


  • Each line on your route planner should be 15-20 minutes.
  • Studying your map, write down what you should see in your next 15-20 minutes (ie pipeline, creek, steep rocks, fork in path)
  • Buy / Source new maps.
  • Always check your plan with your scout leader or district hike coordinator before you depart.
Route Planner - Template

Cammeray Scout Troop Hike Availability Roster August- December 2019

Cammeray Hike Register 2019